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The Power of Resolve and Intension. The art of Sankalpa.


There are 4 levels of desire. We live from a place of indomitable will and determination to set our life in action. If the souls voice is heard the heart will follow. Spend the afternoon learning to find your souls desire.


You will learn the process of tapping into this force and go home writing your 6-18 month goal that will allow you to live in line with your Dharma. Receive very detailed insight into your specific 6-18 month goals and aspirations allowing yourself to inch closer to living your dharma


The Four Desires is a truly life-changing process, one that will lead you to your heart’s desires and to a complete and balanced life. A step-by-step process, it will enable you to fulfill your destiny, achieve lasting happiness, and to make the contribution to the world that only you can make. 



Paulette Gloria Harwood



Wednesday, February 10th 6:00pm-8:30pm


Friday, February 12th 9:00am-11:30am



$75.00 Guests/$70.00 Members


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