"A place to just be. To get closer to yourself.

To shut out all that doesn't matter and let in all that does.....

so that when you leave you bring a bit of that peace with you." 
- xo Michelle


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Let "The Nest" help you release stress, improve your physical and emotional health, experience a state of well-being, and connect you with the real you. Our unique approach taps into the infinite power of your mind and spirit in addition to treating your physical body both inside & out.


Are you being called on a journey to step deeper into your divine power and be welcomed into a community of Inspiring, Insightful, Loving people?


  • If you crave a community – true connections on a soul level – where you feel a part of something bigger, juicier, more impactful …

  • If you desire deep heart-focused introspection in a safe, inviting, loving, and protected space …

  • If your inner voice is telling you that you should be looking deeper, but you’re not quite sure what that means or how it looks …

  • If you need a space to "just be"…

  • If you are open to unconditional caring … 


Then please come and be a part of "Our Nest."


I look forward to meeting you!!