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An inspired life is one where the creative spirit lives. 

"Last month I saw a bumper sticker that read ….."the more I know, the less I need". The question is how do you get enough knowing so that the needing is decreased?" I mused from my studio located by the ocean in Hull, Massachusetts.

For me, making things has always been a way into this knowing.  I begin with recycled saris, taffeta and silk, Milagros and beads, and quickly become immersed in these materials. 


I spread everything out on my cutting table and soon a design takes shape that subtly blends the materials with my personal observations and emotional nature. I am surprised every time! 


As I continue, cutting detailed appliqués, adding hand embroidery and coloring vintage ribbons, flashes of insight and wisdom bubble up in my mind and heart.  



As I transform the materials, I try to take heed of that wisdom to transform myself … to know more so that I need less. It's my own alchemical process for turning dross into gold. The finishing touch is when I write up these insights and share them in the Pillow Talk Wisdom Stories located in the front pocket of each pillow. 

The process is complete when the viewer holds the pillow, feels it's energy, and reads the Pillow Talk Story. 

My other passion is teaching SoulCollage®, an intuitive collaging method in which each person creates a personal deck of SoulCollage® Cards, and uses them to gain insight into their own Personal Wisdom. 

For who knows more about you, and what you really need, than yourself?

I began my career as a papermaker and owner and operator of Kramer Studio Backdrops in Boston , MA.  I am a certified SoulCollage® Facilitator and teach workshops all over the New England area. I donates 8% of the profits of my work to Women for Women International to help women survivors of war around the world.




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