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I'm Michelle.


I'm a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend to myself & others.  I live in a small town by the sea - Cohasset, MA.  I love living intimately with people & nature.  I am nurtured by the ocean, the woods, The Nest members, the strangers I pass, my family & friends.


I had made my living in technology for over twenty years.  I had explored many alternative careers & eventually followed the "signs" that have taken me to the place I am today.


I love to keep my creative spark ignited on a daily basis! I am forever curious and have explored many areas of creativity, spirituality, religion, esthetics, intuitiveness & energy healing over the years.  These days I use touch, meditative art forms, soul circles, mentors & spiritual teachers as tools to help myself & others access & enhance our journey, curiosity, peace & creativity.


At the center of my spiritual life are circles of women - both in & out of The Nest.  My soul's work happens here.  As I facilitate circles I witness over & over again the life-changing power of groups of people coming together with purpose.  Facilitating these circles and caring for The Nest's members is my honor and one of my greatest joys.







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