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I believe my struggle with feeling trapped, frozen and judged in a dysfunctional, controlling long term marriage made me who I am today and why I am so skilled at assisting others to find their voice and power. Yoga of course was the powerful dynamic catalyst for such action. It was also counter intuitive for me as a dancer to settle into stillness, seek silence, feel my feelings and allow myself to grieve. As a dancer and model I was never allowed to complain, let them see me sweat, show pain or discomfort and be relaxed. I was trained to never show emotion except on stage while I was “performing”. Yoga changed all that.


As yoga is the source of health, healing and self empowerment

I am able to awaken students and clients to find their own

true nature and dharma.


With my extensive study of The Yoga Sutras, Yoga, Ayurveda and Macrobiotics I am aware of its therapeutic benefits. My combination of infectious energy, wide-ranging expertise, dedication to and vision for my clients allow me to be a glowing example of work through Glorious Being.  I am an insightful teacher and healer and an E-RYT 500 with primary training and focus in the Himalayan Institute Tradition and Parayoga as well as a Certified Birth Doula. My vibrant skill set also includes work in Pilates, Reiki, Thai Bodywork, Ayurveda, Macrobiotic cooking and counseling through The Kushi Institute.


As the director of Sacred Space Yoga School, a 200, 300 & Prenatal Registered Yoga School I have developed a truly unique, inspirational and empowering practice which integrates several modalities of healing for my students and clients. My greatest passion is mindfully guiding others toward authentic happiness, serenity and sense of fulfillment through their own well being and finding their personal dharma.


The breadth of my own healing work supports my clients

with whole wellness: Biology, Body, Breath, Mind and Spirit. 


With 30 years of experience I am dedicated to lovingly mentor you toward personal shifts in perception, positive change and lifestyle choices that result in transformational healing.

Whether a yogi considering teacher training, an expectant mother or simply a person exploring a holistic approach to life-- I am able to be that teacher you seek. Building an instant rapport, I am easily someone to laugh with, cry to and unfold before.

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