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"When the power of LOVE overcomes the love of power,

the world will know peace." 

 ~Jimi Hendrix


Imagine a world…


Imagine a world where each one of us is awake 

to the beauty within and around us - 

a world where beauty, tenderness, compassion, 

spaciousness, creativity, and things of the spirit are truly valued.


Imagine a world where we, as people, are free 

to serve our soul's needs as deeply and completely and 

wholeheartedly as we serve the needs of others, 

a world where we can all do the work we were born to do, 

the work that serves our soul's growth as well as it serves the world.


Imagine a world where every person

loves and honors 

their body, their creativity, and their contribution, 

and is able to care for themself, body, soul, and bank account, 

with grace and abundant support. 

A world where days of dreaming and gazing 

can rest comfortably and proudly 

in our calendars next to days of hard work and service.


This is the world in which I want to live. 

A world of deep beauty, healthy pleasures, and simple, abiding joy.


- Unknown


Each of us has the ability to create this world for ourselves - 

My joy, is to inspire you to do it together.


- Michelle


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