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Welcome to our Nest!!! Open Hours are for Soul Gym this time you join for $25.00. This gives you discounts for classes, shared time at The Nest for Open Hours & the ability to borrow the space for private groups.

If you are able please make a donation to ensure we can continue to make this a relaity!! Cash, Checks made out to Willow or Paypal Payments to

SoulCollage!! This process to get closer to yourself was created by Seena Frost.

Color - One of our many "Create to Meditate" activities. Thank you Mary Hyde!!

Skim the book "Discovering your Soul Signature - a 33 Day Path to finding your Passion, Purpose & Joy." Perhaps you will want to explore futher with our 6 week class to discover your own purpose passion & joy with Ann Finnie or Holistic Footprints.

Enjoy some we have Morning Glories muffins!!!

There is always water.....(Thank you to one of our Reiki Masters, Denise Patts, for the refrigerator!!)

The tea bar is my favorite!!! This one is for sale by Dan Reynolds of Gentleman & Daughter. Now located on Country Way at The Feathered Nest.

P.S. There is more tea in the drawers!!

Borrow a book or Leave a book!!

Try Something New....Learn to Zentangle.

.....or find the artist in you....

Get Creative!!!! - Scrapbooking anyone? These supplies are under the coffee table.

Pull an intuitive card or 2 or a Rune (My favorite!) & journal on how they pertain to what is happening in your life today. This process is MAGICAL! - Tissues can be found if tears come. (Just realized I did not take a picture of the cards, but they are on the Corner Pine Shelves)

Discover Something New.....




Get Ready...(Make up is in the drawers)...Another fabulous piece from Gentleman & Daughter, but The Nest gets to keep this one smile emoticon.

Take a Nap....


display your products. Thank you Justine Crowley, Creator & Founder of LoveAleta. Love-Infused Soulwear.

Read (there are readers lieing around & on the shelves)......

...or on the couch. Or just do nothing at all. Just be. Something most of us do not take enough time to do.

Sign up for a class & take information from our many facilitators...Interested in teaching??? We welcome all that want to share....with the Jimi Hendrick's philosophy of "When the power of Love out weighs the Love of Power is when we will find PEACE."

Inspire Peace in Kids. Created and facilitated by.....

...Kim Spires. Founder of Inspire Kids Yoga

Soul Circles using Seena Frost's SoulCollage Facilitated by.....

Michelle Cayer

Kerry Ann MCCarthy - Vibe Tribe Co-Founder, President at Kerry Ann's Wonderful World of Yoga and Yoga Teacher Trainer at Sacred Space Yoga School

Karen Paolino Correia

Karen Paolino Correia - Author & Speaker, Founder of Heaven on Earth at Heaven on Earth. Angel messenger & teacher.

Jill Jardine
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