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Enjoy healing energies with the singing bowls, singing vocalizations, and brief periods of almost silence. Sit comfortably or lie on a mat with a pillow to absorb the beautiful vibrations of sound healing.  Melodies and tones will be played while you meditate and receive healing from the sounds and vibrations emanating from the bowls and vocalizations.  


Kaile will set up a crystal grid to help radiate the energies from the bowls to the room and recipients.  To start she will help ground and connect you with her “Connection and Protection” meditation and then let you drift off to the sounds. She will also come by and administer brief periods of sound healing directly on the body of each participant while playing.


Sit back, close your eyes and let go of day to revive, renew and raise your vibration for health, healing and happiness.



Kaile Dutton



Please Refer to Calendar



$35.00 Guests/$30.00 Members/$15.00 Seniors


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*  2016 Registration fee is $25.00.

*  Receive Special Member Discounts

*  "Just BE" at Member Open Hours


***Once the class begins the fees are unrefundable, however you may use them towards another class.***  


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