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What is a Serenity Experiencei?


A Serenity Experience is simply time to do as you choose without the interruptions of daily life.   


What to Expect:


Arrive with time to sit in our comfy chair with a cup of tea & your favorite book, knitting or just your thoughts.  


You may choose to:


1.  Be alone.  If so, Michelle will leave you to enjoy time to "just be."  You can read, relax to a guided meditation, take a nap, unwind with a "Create to Meditate" project, write in your journal...whatever you choose the time if yours to do with what you'd like.


2.  Michelle will guide you through an intuitive card; Angel or Rune Reading.  These readings will help you sort through thoughts, concerns or life choices & paths.


3.  Climb into our heated bed to meditate, sleep or just “be” while Michelle cares for you inside & out with upper body massage, "peels" (extreme exfoliants!!) & Ayurvedic based organic skin care products.  You will be lulled by the aromas of natural essential oils and leave relaxed & glowing.


Benefits of a Serenity Experience:

•Lower Stress/Reduce Anxiety
•Bring a Sense of Calm and Peace
•Balance Energy Levels in the Physical/Subtle Bodies •Release Negative Thought Patterns



1.5 Hours for the whole experience.  

Just mention time constraints and we will accomodate!!!


$115.00 Guests/$85.00 Soul Gym Members


Request and Appointment or Text Michelle at (508)243-8006


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