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I would love to work with you and assist you in gaining more wholeness, clarity, success and love in your life.

What is Past Life Coaching?

I believe when one is drawn to knowing about a past life, then there is usually an unresolved emotion or desire that wants to be known and released, as these unresolved emotions (or desires) are carried over into another life. Although we are also influenced by habitual negative tendencies from previous lives, we can learn to change these habits and make new, more positive ones take their place. We all have done both positive and negative deeds from past lives; what I see is determined by your questions. I can give you guidance on the clearing process should this be what comes through in your reading.


Each reading reflects the individual's essence in ways that are essentially beyond prediction. I experience the reading process along with my client, rather than creating it. I am able to access any life that is relevant to your questions, including questions that you have concerning relationships with lovers, friends, or family, and questions regarding your personal characteristics that you may be challenged with such as emotional states, personality or physical traits, recurring dreams, repeating patterns or themes. And I open to the wisdom of my spirit guides as they channel information to me about you.


Spiritual readings are very important part of my practice! So many people I speak to feel blocked or at an impasse with their spiritual path and are seeking to expand themselves to incorporate more clarity, truth, wisdom and love so that they may be able to move more in harmony in life and in their relationships. Personally, I feel these readings can be profoundly transformational.


My Reading Process


I begin the reading by saying a prayer to ask for the past life information that pertains to your questions and that is most relevant to your present situation to be revealed to me. I find it helpful in this process not to have any detailed information about your questions, or of the circumstances of your life. The less I know, the less likely I am to inadvertently influence the reading process. (During the reading, I am consciously relating what I am seeing to you, and you are not in a hypnotic state, but conscious also.) You may get more from the process if you put some energy and intention into developing your questions before the reading. During the reading process, you are, of course, free to ask spontaneously anything that comes up.

  • planet.

  • You are infinite.  You have a past, but you are not your past.

What to Expect:

Each session involves a discussion on any issues that you are having which may need to be looked at during the session or we can simply see what comes up for you. It is worth noting that the conscious mind works differently to the unconscious. The unconscious may guide you to what needs to be cleared and dealt with, so sometimes having an open mind rather than fixed is really useful. We will then go on a journey in a deep and relaxed state and see what comes up for you.


The whole process takes up to an hour and a half.

$95.00 Guests/$85.00 Members 


Request an Appointment or Text Judi at (781)635-0403




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