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What is Past Life Coaching?



Past-life coaching journeys are effective because they can get to the root of current lifetime problems. They have been known to work on people who don’t even believe in reincarnation.  As your sub-conscious travels with you from lifetime to lifetime, it brings with it your learning’s and experiences from your past; both good and bad.  It is possible to heal an aspect of your past which maybe blocking you in your current lifetime.

This is fun, very insightful and a great way to improve your current life.

  • Everything that you have done (or that has been done to you) has been important for your soul’s evolution.

  • Every experience whether good or bad allows your soul to learn and grow.

  • Forgiving yourself and others clears you to become a force for healing on the planet.

  • You are infinite.  You have a past, but you are not your past.

What to Expect:

Each session involves a discussion on any issues that you are having which may need to be looked at during the session or we can simply see what comes up for you. Keep in mind your subconscious may guide you to what needs to be cleared and dealt with, so sometimes having an open mind rather than fixed is very useful.

We will meet at The Nest - a relaxed, loving, non-judgemental space.  I will open with a non-denominational prayer.  You will pick a card that I will speak from intuitively.  These messages will be in regards to a prior life.  You will then pick additional cards.   The messages received from these cards will be focused on providing you guidance on your current life.  

You will leave with crystals and homework to enable you to continue your soul's growth.

Continuing the Journey:

Return for a second Past Life Reading and a Positive Past Life Link Session

Positive Past Life Link Session - We will determine what feeling is still blocking you from success, happiness or love and go through a journey in a deep, relaxed state enabling you to discover a positive past life experience that you can tap into and learn from.  Homework will be to practice connecting to your Positve Past Life Link.

Each session will take up to about an hour and a half.

Past Life Reading: $95 Guests/$85 Members 

Past Life Package: includes 2 Past Life Readings and a Positive Past Life Link Session $260 Guests/ $240 Members


Request an Appointment or Text Judi at (781)635-0403




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