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Mirror Work, as pioneered by Louise Hay, is simple and at the same time profound.  It is based on the priciple that "The world is your mirror."  Louise credits Mirror Work for her success, love & abundance in her life today.  She has overcome self-doubt, low self-esteem & self-defeating behaviors, and has said on many occasions that self-love is the great miracle cure for healing your life and living a life that truly reflects who you are.


When you really love yourself, you make it so much easier for others to love you, and life is so much easier!


If you're struggling in your relationships. in your work or you are experiencing health issues, we encourage you to try the Mirror Work exercises.  By doing them consistently, you'll feel more confident, more loving and more receptive to the gifts and possibilities that are always available to you when you love yourself first.



Ann Finnie



Saturday, February 20th - 9am-11am



$35.00 Guests/$30.00 Members


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