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Kerry Ann's classes Encourage you to find

Peace and Strength on the mat

while Honoring your own Limits &

then Applying these Lessons to your Life.


Kerry Ann is a graduate from University of Vermont with a bachelors in Psychology and Art. She discovered yoga 10 years ago when she moved back to Boston after college. After her first yoga class, she was addicted. She began an intense practice right off the bat and saw immediate changes in her life, both physically & spiritually.


Kerry Ann's spiritual journey took her to South East Asia where she traveled for 15 months staying in ashrams & living the yogi-traveler's lifestyle. After staying at one particular ashram in Rishikesh, India she knew she had found a calling: to share the wisdom and power of yoga with others.


Immediately upon returning to the States, she attended Kripalu Institute where she became certified as a Kripalu Yoga Teacher. Her preference for a powerful practice is prominent in her classes; vinyasa yoga is her passion and love. Kerry Ann's classes encourage you to find peace and strength on the mat while honoring your own limits and then applying these lessons to your life.

She has taught for many studios around the South Shore from Open doors to Balance to Cohasset Yoga Center and Dancing Crow, etc... In the past few years she has focused on a few studios and a deeper connection and understanding of true teaching.


Kerry Ann started teaching more private lessons, taking more workshops, getting a deeper understanding of her next step in the yoga community. She also started a Beach Yoga Club that has been very successful over the past 6 years.  


She recently opened a yoga studio of her own, "Winds of Change” , to bring her fans to one place. Teaching Yoga is not only her life, it makes her life complete. Just as she tells her students, the strength she has gotten from teaching and practicing yoga has manifested in so many ways into her life.


Kerry Ann  is 200-hour E-RYT with primary training completed through Sacred Space Yoga School.  Her next adventure is to become a yoga teacher trainer! She is training to complete and take on clients both privately and in group settings.




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