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What is Intuitive Life Guidance?



In this session she will give you clarity and guidance on your life purpose/ love / health. She will also explore YOUR mind and spirit connection and how that is effecting YOUR LIFE through existing life patterns and emotional blocks that still need to be transformed.



Then you will have an Intuitive Life coaching session with Kylie to create YOUR individual goals and design a plan of action to transform you and your life. This program will be personalised and take into account those destructive patterns that have been blocking you and distracting you from your path, and alignment with your True Life Purpose.You will also have some measurements and an initial photo taken, so you can see the transformation on all levels at the end of the program.



WEEK 2 -TAKING CONTROLIn week two you will have an Intuitive Life coaching session with Kylie to create YOUR individual goals and design a plan of action to transform you and your life. This program will be personalised and take into account those destructive patterns that have been blocking you and distracting you from your path, and alignment with your True Life Purpose. You will also have some measurements and an initial photo taken, so you can see the transformation on all levels at the end of the program.WEEKS 3-20 – ACTIONFrom then on you will go on a journey of self discovery with Kylie who will meet or skype with you every fortnight for an Intuitive Life Coaching Session and provide you with unlimited support via email and txt in between. You will be guided to take consistent actions and be kept accountable to producing amazing results in all life areas including Health/ Love/ Life Purpose and many more. You will experience literally a total life makeover with Kylie, and her transformation program that will produce a whole-istic NEW YOU that incorporates mind, body and spirit.WEEK 21 – WRAPPING IT UPTogether we will reflect and celebrate the journey to the NEW YOU. This will be an opportunity to celebrate your WINS with Kylie. You will feel truly acknowledged and recognized for your efforts in this Life Transformation Program and be able to reflect on the journey to the whole-istic NEW YOU and feel completely confident moving forward!Are you a little stuck and in need of some clarity? Would you like to get 100% clear and know exactly what to do next? Would you like to keep moving forward in your chosen direction and gain momentum, fast?This Package is designed for YOU if you are just a little stuck and will allow you to breakthrough and get Clarity in less then a day related to love/ health/life purpose! Kylie will use her own unique and extremely talented holistic skill set, including Intuitive Life Coach / Psychic / Holisitic Healer as well as extensive knowledge and experience to assist you to gain clarity and identify and breakthrough whatever is BLOCKING YOU and will give you strategies and actions to take to move forward in your chosen direction. At the end of this you will walk away with clarity and be clear about what actions to take NEXT!“Life Guidance through Readings” is $75, but your first one is only $50. They are for 45 minutes (however, I do not keep a timer). We can do them during the day or evening. You choose the cards you are drawn to. We talk a bit about what is happening in your life and what type of reading we will do. (for example Past/Present/Future or Love/Career/family etc…) My belief is that you actually do your own readings using your own intuition. I am just there as a facilitator/guide to help/teach/hug when needed!!Full Spectrum Healing uses a variety of modalities to help you balance your body, mind and spirit. Reiki, chakra healing and spiritual counseling all come together to balance your energy system.

We believe everyone is here on Earth to learn something, and that the universe will give us plenty of opportunities to learn our lessons.

At times, though, it can seem like trying to find your way through a maze, blindfolded, with people jabbing you with needles at every turn. Sometimes, life just isn't pleasant.

So how do we figure out what it is we're supposed to learn?

The good news is that we do have sources of guidance available in our lives. In fact, we have so many sources of guidance available, it's amazing that we usually manage to ignore all of them.

The key to finding guidance in your life is to start being responsible for your own growth. Once you take responsibility, you can use the following techniques to begin to find guidance. In time, you'll come up with your own techniques that work better for you than these. Use our techniques as a place to start, but be willing to abandon them when you find ones that work better.

We'll now discuss briefly the various techniques we personally use to find guidance in our lives.

Look for patterns in your life

If you've been reading these articles in order, you know that we believe the universe will give us repeated opportunities to learn what we need to learn. Every time we refuse to learn a lesson, the universe patiently starts setting up conditions for the next lesson on the same topic.

This implies that anything that has happened on a regular basis in your life might be part of a lesson you need to learn.

So look for patterns in your life. One of Jay's patterns was encountering a certain type of personality in the people he worked with. This personality type clashed with Jay's personality, to the point where he left a job to avoid them. Guess what? At the new job there was someone with the same personality, only more so.

A pattern in your life is generally some problem that happens over and over. Most people, when they become aware of negative patterns in their life, think "I need to avoid these patterns!" Unfortunately, this avoids the lesson they need to learn. The trick to breaking a negative pattern is not to avoid it, but to embrace the lesson it is trying to teach you. Think about what needs to change in yourself to solve the problem. You cannot change anyone but yourself, so focus on your changes. Don't say, "My coworker needs to be less annoying", say instead, "How can I change my attitude so I can see the best in my coworker?"

You can also have positive patterns. Positive patterns don't indicate lessons you need to learn, but indicate areas where you're doing the right thing. They're encouragement to you to continue your good behavior. A positive pattern may also indicate an area where you have a real gift that you should continue to explore and share with others.

There are also neutral patterns, events neither good nor bad. Things like suddenly hearing five people in three days talk about a particular book. These patterns may be hints to you to go in a direction you need.

Listen to yourself

You know your values, you know what is right and wrong for you. Many of our lessons in life deal simply with living by those values and allowing other people to live by their values. The world is full of people who want to tell you what values to live by...listen to yourself, not them.

If you continually make a decision that goes against your values, the universe will give you more and more opportunities to make decisions the go with your values.

Listen to the universe

Many people pray every day. They ask the universe for all sorts of things, including guidance for their lives. Then they go about their daily lives, ignoring the answers the universe sends. Prayer is the process of you talking to the universe.

If you're going to ask for guidance, you need to listen for the answer. Part of this we've already talked about, looking for patterns in your life. The other part of it is meditation.

Meditation is simply a way of quieting the normal daily tumult in your mind so that the universe can answer you. It's a statement of your choosing to listen to the universe. We all have free will, and normally we choose to pay attention to all the details of our daily lives and not the universe. Meditation gives the universe permission to talk to us.

There are a lot of techniques of meditation. You need to find the one that's right for you. You don't even need a technique if you can manage to quiet your mind long enough for the universe to talk to you. You can meditate while praying if you pray in a contemplative and respectful manner (which is not how most people pray).

If you don't believe in any higher power, you can think of meditation as a way of quieting your conscious mind so your subconscious mind can talk to you.

Listen to your body

Your conscious mind may not know all the answers, but your subconscious knows quite a bit. If you find yourself with gut-clenching fear in certain situations, that's probably a good indicator. Fear is one of those indicators that is misused in modern times. Fear developed originally as a method of survival, and still serves that purpose well when we're faced with physical danger. Unfortunately, most people use fear as a way of avoiding situations they need to come to terms with. So if you find yourself fearing non-physical situations, then you may need to look further into why that fear is coming up for you.

You can also use muscle testing to use your body to communicate with your subconscious. Many times this will give you insight into lessons you're trying to learn, areas of life that you need to improve, and areas where you need to nurture yourself. Muscle testing, like any other form of guidance, should not be used as a replacement for making your own decisions.

Above all, with any guidance you do receive, make sure it makese sense to you given your values.

Our world is full of stressors. Some of them are obvious to us. Others are hidden under the patterns of behavior we have come to accept as the only way of being in this world.


What to Expect:

A healing session begins to help your body to remember how to heal itself and to serve your highest good. If you desire a sacred space to destress and relax, this type of healing session will provide just that. A series of healings will help you connect with your life purpose so that you can enthusiastically live your life with meaning and joy.


A session will last from 40 minutes to an hour. An environment of quiet or soft music allows the body to begin to relax. Each client will have the perfect experience, right for them in that moment. 


$115.00 Guests/$85.00 for all Members through March 2016


Request and Appointment or Text Michelle at (508)243-8006




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