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"I'm so excited to share my love of healing with everyone.  

It's a known fact that healing comes in many forms."

       - Denise Patts



I create a safe, sacred space in unison with my wealth of experience to guide clients as they relax, set an intention for healing and rhythmic breathing. As the session progresses, my intuition in conjunction with the tried and true Reiki practices provides healing.



Reiki is designed for healing for self and others and workshops on Reiki I, II and III provide students with skills for everyday situations. It is inspiring to teach this dynamic practice and see understanding of energy work flowing as students experience not only knowledge, but hands on practice.



Through my completion of two years of classes at the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine I have learned energy healings focused on chakra balancing, emotional healing, stress relief, heart openings and more. These healings in conjunction with the education related to why people do what they do and understanding of the motivation behind this allow me to respond with compassion and understanding. My third and last year of this study begins in Fall, 2015.



A gifted facilitator and planner, events flow with ease – results are impactful and positive.



Collaboration is key and I’ll work with you to weave your goals into daily living so you may be healthy and happy.



In my current position at a very busy parish on the South Shore, my responsibilities include the day-to-day coordination of events, people and daily business processes. My vision to see the big picture and ensure that all details are coordinated for the successful execution is key. Also key is my great customer service skills and the fact that individuals are comfortable working with me in times of stress and in times of joy. 

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