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Grace Germaine Walsh is a Reiki Master Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner located on the South Shore of Boston. Her multi-dimensional energy healing practice recognizes and incorporates those deeply woven roots gifted to us from many indigenous cultures.

As a medicine woman and wisdom keeper, she believes there are no coincidences in life; only synchronicities.  Though intuitive from a young age, her sacred gifts were not fully realized until later in life when she sat across from a Cherokee medicine man whose native reflection offered a first glimpse into her own personal medicine. In this light, her healing practice intention has grown into one of reflection, so others may see themselves through her eyes; taking great joy in assisting with non-ordinary interpretations of the many messages of Spirit found along the way.  

  Her simple philosophy reflects ancient philosophies at best – that we must practice what we preach if we are to continue to raise the vibration of our planet as well as the soul journeyers upon it…because Life is a mirrored journey, not a single destination…


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