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Do you want a purpose in life?  Are financial issues causing you suffering?  Do you feel overwhelmed in life?  Are you contemplating a major life transition like a divorce, career change or children?  Have you or someone you known been struck by illness or death?


Having a spiritual or soul perspective on these situations, which astrology provides, can help you embrace your life anew.  The birth chart is the map of the soul and personality as it travels through this incarnation.  A qualified astrologer can interpret your birth-map to reveal dharma (life mission) and karmas (pre-disposition to certain, talents, gifts, challenges, proclivities, behaviors, afflictions or illness.  The astrological language is a symbolic and archetypal.  The glyphs or symbols of astrology can take years or life-times to accurately interpret.  Symbols and signs are the language of the soul.  Thus astrology is a soul language.  Jill Jardine is a translator of this soul language and is now offering workshops and trainings to teach the mysteries of astrology or "Jyotish" - the language of light - as it is called in Sanskrit.  Take this opportunity to study the esoteric art of Astrology with a professional astrologer and teacher.




Jill Jardine



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